Landscaping Supplies in Santa Barbara CA

Milpas Rental is your go-to source for sustainable landscape supplies in Santa Barbara CA and California’s Central Coast. For homeowner projects in the garden to corporate landscape projects, we have the materials you need for beautiful results.



Agromend is a soil amendment specifically designed for clay soils. It helps keep heavy clay soils loose and workable, adds organic matter, is long lasting, helps get plants established and improves soil structure. Work Agromend into the top 6" layer of the clay soil to plant lawns, trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials and ground covers. For larger plants, mix 60% of the native clay soil and 40% of the AGROMEND and use as a backfill mix for all planting areas of the landscape.

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  • Agromend Soil Amendment for sale in the Santa Barbara area

Universal Blend


Universal Soil Blend is Agromin’s most popular and versatile soil blend, used by landscapers and homeowners for filling in low areas. Universal Soil Blend is great for all landscape applications including palms, sod lawns, fruit trees and flowers.

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  • Agromin Universal Soil Blend for sale in the Santa Barbara area

ES-2 Mulch


ES-2 Mulch is ideal for cooling the root zone, reducing moisture loss, controlling erosion and preventing weed growth. ES-2 is perfect for all orchard applications and public works as it is Environmentally Safe (ES) and meets California Department of Transportation specifications.

Uniform in size ranging from minus to 2", ES-2 Mulch is an environmentally sound way to add a finishing touch to any landscape.

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  • ES-2 Mulch for sale in the Santa Barbara area

Walk-On Bark


Walk-On Bark is a finer sized, softer version of Acorn Bark, allowing it the versatility of also being used as pathway cover. It is composed of Fir tree bark that varies in size and color when used as a top dressing – providing a broad variety of looks and styles.

Walk-On Bark is red in color and 1/4"-3" in size.

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Yellow Sand

A clean, fine-washed sand ideal for filling holes, back filling trenches, behind retaining walls, and leveling areas. It also has great drainage properties.

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  • Yellow Sand for sale in the Santa Barbara area

Decomposed Granite

Decomposed Granite is an amazing and useful material. Gold in color, its fine granular grain can be worked into nearly any crevice and form and will set to a very hard surface once compacted and soaked with water. Sweep into gaps between patio stones for an attractive look and stronghold which is also resistant to plant growth. Interestingly, Decomposed Granite can be broken back up and reset for a fresh look. It shouldn’t lose its luster or degrade and can be used over and over.

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  • Decomposed Granite for sale in the Santa Barbara area

Washed Plaster Sand

Sand is used for many different applications and projects. Useful in landscaping, as well as a base material for paving stones, retaining walls, and in mixing masonry cement.

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  • Washed Plaster Sand for sale in the Santa Barbara area

Class II Road Base

The Class II Base Rock - Recycled and is produced from 100 percent crushed concrete and asphalt concrete products. It is designed to form a base for roads, parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks. This material may also be used as a sub-base for building foundations. Class II Base Rock meets the specifications of the State of California Standard Specifications, Section 26.

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  • Class II Road Base for sale in the Santa Barbara area

3/8" Pea Gravel

3/8" (Pea) Gravel is a small, granite product that is primarily grey, with a rough texture. Pea Gravel can be used in walkways, driveways, as a base under a shed, as a decorative rock in flowerbeds, or in a mix with cement to create concrete.

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  • 3/8" Pea Gravel for sale in the Santa Barbara area

California Gold 3/8"

3/8" California Gold is a great material for walkways as it packs in tight and won’t break down under heavy traffic. Consider this rock for flowerbeds and driveways as well!

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  • California Gold 3/8" for sale in the Santa Barbara area